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A Letter To Our Preschoolers

Dear Little Ones,
As you embark on your dance journey, you are a bundle of joy, curiosity, and endless possibilities. I write this letter to you because I want you to understand the profound role we at New England Dance Academy hope to play in your life as you grow, pursue your dreams, and overcome life’s challenges.
Our intention is clear: to empower you to seize the abundant opportunities the world presents to you. We hold high expectations for you, not to impose pressure, but because we firmly believe in your capacity to exceed even your own expectations and achieve remarkable things.
In these early years, our aim is to foster a spirit of learning and exploration. Your potential shines brightly, and for 35 years, it has been our mission to nurture and cultivate it in every possible way.
As you get older, our insistence on a strong work ethic stems from our desire to see you succeed on your own terms. We want you to recognize the value of hard work, dedication, and perseverance, because they build character, resilience, and self-reliance.
Regardless of the path you choose as you grow, we want you to face it with courage, determination, and an unwavering commitment to giving your best effort.
We will always encourage you to aim high and remain persistent, because we want you to never settle for mediocrity or complacency.
We will always remind you to dream big, reach for the stars, and never let fear or doubt hinder your aspirations.
Because the best thing about dance lessons, like life lessons, no matter how many times you fall, you will always have the opportunity to get back up……. and LEAP again.
Love Your NEDA Dance Family

why dance? Why now? Why neda?

Are you wondering…. What should a dance class consist of? At New England Dance Academy, we believe a dance enrichment program should supports discipline, artistry, hard work, dedication, resilience, and teamwork. We believe a premium dance education should be available to every dancer, regardless of age, level or time commitment. We don’t believe a luxury dance education should be limited to only the elite dancer, so we offer all of our classes at an amazing value. We believe every child was born to dance, so we aim to foster and inspire our students through movement and creative expression, so dance becomes fun and social while children learn, laugh and build life skills to last a lifetime.




Now is the perfect time to start dance! Children need community, Children need structure, Children need to move, Children need mentors, coaches and teachers that support them, encourage them and stand for their growth.  


When you experience the New England Dance Academy Difference you soon realize why we are “unlike all others”. Three decades of success, three decades as the industry leaders, three decades of consistent excellence. At New England Dance Academy, our model is all about growing the entire student, regardless of  age, regardless of level.  The current Miss World Of Dance or a two year old  just starting out, every dancer is treated with the same level of excellence, The same level of care, the same level of detail.

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Who We Are

We are on a mission to educate the masses. Serving and growing children through dance lessons has been our passion since 1990. Our secret sauce….we believe children are capable of MORE. We challenge children to push boundaries. We challenge children to work hard and set goals. We challenge children to aim high and become accountable to their dreams and their passions. We are in the celebration business and we have proven time and time again, Yes it does matter where your child starts dance lessons.



Our Core Behaviors : Excellence, Resilience, Teamwork and Consistency are what align everything we do. 

What We Do

Beginning with our youngest students we cultivate an environment that promotes self-confidence, ignites independence, and sparks creativity. We don’t have a recreational path, but an educational one. We believe all students should be taught the same lessons and given the same opportunity for growth.

Who We Serve

We serve families all over New England who appreciate quality and understand the value of mentorship, teamwork, and innovation. We serve parents that want the very best for their children, and that seek a dance studio environment that promotes friendship, resilience, and growth. We believe all of our students are “STARS” and your investment or time commitment shouldn’t dictate their level of learning. You will never find recreational classes here, all of our classes are educational.

What Makes Us Different

We have created our own signature dance programs! Our 7 Step Signature Journey “Dance Done Different” takes our students from Discover to Beyond. We have used our 30 years of expertise to craft dynamic, exciting, educational dance classes that get results. Beginner through Advanced. We are here to make an impact and help families raise confident children! We believe all children are born with endless possibilities and we are grateful to be a part of their journey,  wherever that journey takes them. If our message resonates with you, take the first step today. Every time we register a student, we change a life. Who’s Next?

Congratulations New England Dance Academy! 2023 Circle Of Excellence Award!

What Do You Value?

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Ages 18 Months-Adult

Where are you now, where do you want to Go?

Our Custom Signature Dance Programs Create a Dancer Journey That You Won’t Find Anywhere Else!

We are the New England Dance Studio affiliate

For the global brand World of Dance

Congratulations! 2023 TOp Dance Studio Award OF THE YEAR!
Highest Honor A Dance Studio Can ReCEIVE!

Champions on the Dance Floor and in the classroom

At NEDA, 90% of our team dancers are also members of the National Honor Society. We pride ourselves on teaching not just dance lessons but life lessons, including:

Adriana Callen –  Valedictorian of Foxboro High School
Isabella Deberghes –  Salutatorian of Mansfield High School

Nina Demirs – Salutatorian of Foxboro Regional Charter School

Exceeding Expectations Since 1990

Outstanding Achievements

Simply the Best Dance Instruction In New England

At New England Dance Academy, we endeavor to help our students reach their full potential!

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