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Tuition for students at New England Dance Academy is an annual fee, which is paid in 10 monthly installments. As the number of hours per week increases, the overall hourly rate decreases.

It should be emphasized that 1 class per week is more for personal development than for technical training. Students expecting to become proficient in the art should be dancing a minimum of 3 hours per week from age 9 and more beginning age 11.

We, at New England Dance Academy are interested in "Making Dancers", therefore we discount each student based on how many hours per week they dance! We are one of the only dancing schools in Massachusetts who can offer this program at such an incredible value!

Our Junior and Senior dancers are able to take class with over 10 expert master teachers!!!! Our Highly sought after faculty teaches and travels across the region. 

When you check out our competition make sure you are comparing apples to apples!!!!

Tuition For 2017 -18Dance Season
1 Hour Per Week
$60.00 Monthly
2 Hours Per Week
$115.00 Monthly
3 Hours Per Week
$175.00 Monthly
4 Hours Per Week
$235.00 Monthly
    5-6 Hours Per Week
7 and Over unlimited program
$260.00 Monthly
$275.00 Monthly

Tuition Policies

  • All tuition and registration fees are non-refundable
  • Tuition remains the same regardless of 3 or 5 week months
  • There are NO refunds or deductions for missed classes

Recital Fees

  • Children's costumes = $69
  • Adult's costumes = $79
  • Dance Team costumes = $90
  • Costume price includes costume, headpiece and all accessories.
  • All money is non-refundable
  • Parents are responsible for all costume balances once costumes are ordered in November.
  • Click here for more information on our Recitals
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